Working mechanism of U-bolt connection

Summary:As the main fasteners of steel structures, U-shape...

As the main fasteners of steel structures, U-shaped bolts are generally used for connection, fixing and positioning of steel structures. Two types of connecting bolts are commonly used in steel structures, such as ordinary connecting bolts and high-strength screws.

Choose ordinary bolts as the connection fasteners, or choose high-strength bolts without applying tightening axial force, and the connection is a general bolt connection, that is, bolted connection in the general sense; choose high-strength bolts as fasteners, and tighten the axial force and Bolt connection, the steel structure connection is called high-strength bolt connection.

The working mechanism of two kinds of bolt connections is pointed out, and the working mechanism of collision type high-strength bolt connection is pointed out. When the joint head is subjected to an external force, the external force is transmitted through the conflict between the contact surfaces of the connecting plate. The stress flow passes through the contact surface without stress concentration. Generally, when the bolt connection is subjected to an external force, the connecting plate will slide, and the external force is transmitted through the shear of the bolt rod and the bearing pressure of the hole wall of the connecting plate.

Anchor bolt action

1. Pour the anchor bolts and the ground with cement and other objects together, which can be used to fix equipment with less vibration and impact.

2. The movable anchor is a detachable anchor bolt, which can fix large machinery and equipment with strong vibration and impact.

3. Expansion anchor anchor bolts are used to fix relatively simple and lightweight equipment, and auxiliary equipment is in a static state for a long time.

4. Adhesive anchor bolt is a widely used and common equipment, and it is also a small piece used to fix simple equipment.


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