What Are These L Shaped Bolt

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L Shaped Bolt - What Are These?

The L Shaped Bolt is an improvement over the more commonly used L shape anchor bolt as the L-shaped shaft doesn't need to bear so much weight. This L-shaped anchor bolt provides much needed stability and strength to the location where it's used. The typical specifications of these bolts is theASTM F15 54.
Most commonly these types of bolts are used for building structures with a higher pitched roof, like a gable. These are also used in areas that don't have an existing structure to use as a foundation, such as a flat field or open hillside area. Some of these types of bolts are often installed by using steel wedges to force them into position. If you do this be careful not to damage the steel reinforcement of your existing roof. For this reason, if you are installing the L Shaped bolt onto a steel foundation, make sure the steel reinforcement is facing up and away from the bolt head when the bolt is seated in the surface you will be applying the concrete to. The last thing you want is your new L shaped anchor bolts sticking out at the wrong angle, which can cause damage to your structure, or deflecting objects in your way.
These types of bolts are available in many different specifications. There are the Type A Concrete beam bolt, Type B Concrete beam bolt, and Type C Concrete beam bolt. The L Shaped bolt has Type A as the standard, but have been modified by manufacturers to provide additional strength and durability to a variety of locations. They are made in various configurations such as open ended, close ended, staggered and many more. The type anchor bolts you will see will vary, so look for one that fits your application best.
The L Shaped bolts are typically used for exterior applications, and for jobs that require installation above grade structures. They are strong enough that they can withstand a lot of weight. The best types of these bolts are cast iron, because of the added strength. Cast iron also makes an excellent decorative product.
L Shaped Bolts are produced by several different companies. The two primary manufacturers are Lamiglas and American Iron. Each offers their own unique products. Look closely at the different products before you make a purchase. Some products will be better suited for your applications than others. A stainless steel bolt might not be what you need for a certain application, so choose another type anchor bolt manufacturer.
L Shaped bolt kits are available to meet just about any need that you may have. There are custom types and pre-fabricated lengths for most installations. The best thing about these is that you don't have to be a professional in order to install these products. Simply follow the directions that come with your custom bolt.
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