What are the methods to prevent corrosion of anchor bolts

Summary: What are the methods for anchor bolts to prevent...
What are the methods for anchor bolts to prevent crevice corrosion
1. Prevent crevice corrosion:
(1) In order to prevent crevice corrosion, the following measures can be taken: add expansion rubber at the bolt gap; apply anti-rust oil at the bolt gap; pour paraffin wax into the gap between the bolt and the concrete floor, and place it on the anchor bolts. Paint the exposed parts.
(2) When applying anti-rust oil to the bolt gap, it must be completely applied. At the same time, a reasonable inspection mechanism should be established to prevent the failure of preventive measures caused by the volatilization of anti-rust oil.
2. Preventive selection:
(1) Under the premise of meeting the requirements of strength and toughness, materials with better corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloy steel, should be selected.
(2) Anchor bolts, nuts, washers and embedded round steel should be made of the same material as much as possible to avoid galvanic corrosion. Insulating gaskets with sufficient strength should be selected as much as possible.
(3) In the material acceptance stage, strict inspection and control are required to prevent materials with material defects, processing defects, and corrosion protection defects from being used in the power station.
3. Prevent corrosive media:
(1) Before pouring into the anchor bolt holes, shielding measures should be taken to prevent rainwater and washing water from entering the gap.
(2) After installing the foundation bolts, anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out in time. Usually, the method of using paint or anti-rust oil.
(3) During the pickling and passivation of stainless steel equipment, the anchor bolts and their surrounding areas should be effectively protected to prevent pickling liquid from entering the gap between the anchor bolts and burying hidden corrosion hazards. Pickling passivation treatment can be carried out by wax sealing and other measures. In order to fundamentally solve the corrosion problem of anchor bolts, it is necessary to study and analyze the feasibility of anti-corrosion and waterproof methods at the site according to the overall structure of the equipment and the corrosion environment, and to select appropriate corrosion control methods. Eliminate potential corrosion hazards.
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