What are the main uses of U-bolts

Summary: Traditional cold heading performance defects of U...
Traditional cold heading performance defects of U-shaped bolts
In the production process of U-shaped bolts and other fasteners, cold heading is a very important process. If there are some problems with the cold heading performance, the fasteners will not perform the best, thus affecting the performance of the product. Talk about several aspects of traditional cold heading performance defects of fasteners.
First, in the same tensile test, we can find that the deformation rate of the actual cold forging process is higher than that of the cold forging test, and it is much higher.
Second, in the process of testing, we only use our eyes to check whether there are cracks in the style of fasteners. Sometimes the cracks may be too small, which leads to the above errors and lack of scientificity.
Third, during the cold upsetting test, there are some deviations between the various data and our actual cold upsetting, which cannot represent the actual cold upsetting, and there may be deviations.
Fourth, some data obtained during our cold upsetting test cannot replace the actual data we want. As a result, we have a serious deviation in the cold heading performance of the material.
What are the main uses of U-bolts
U-shaped bolts have a wide range of uses, the main uses:construction and installation, mechanical parts connection, vehicles, ships, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc. Main shapes: semicircle, square right angle, triangle, oblique triangle, etc.
Surface treatment method: galvanized.There are eight galvanizing methods: electroplating white zinc, blue-white zinc, colorful zinc, blackening, chrome plating, hot-dip galvanizing, dacromet, natural color.
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