U-shaped wire manufacturers teach you how to easily remove rusty nuts

Summary:The nut is troublesome after rust removal, so what...

The nut is troublesome after rust removal, so what is the best way? Let's take you to understand:

1. Choose a suitable special wrench, a suitable open-end wrench or a torx wrench, so that you will not slip your hands during disassembly.

2. If the rust is more serious, you can knock the screws with a hammer.

3. Use rust remover, which can be said to remove rusty screws and nuts.

4. If the screw is on the steam valve, remember to cool it with water when it is still hot, otherwise it is easy to tear off the screw teeth.

5. If the screw is broken, you can use a welding machine to burn a screw on it, but when you burn through the welding, the screw is easier to unscrew.

6. Attention, do not use brute force, use skills. You can use the pipe extension, which will be very labor-saving.

U-shaped wire special properties and uses

U-shaped wire is different from the small size of other screws. It is a semi-closed product structure. Compared with the small size of other screws, it is slightly larger. The thread is designed internally. This design can maximize the performance of the product and achieve the maximum purpose of the design, which is what we usually call the connection performance is very strong. Screws can be used in a variety of industries, and this situation also has its shape factors. Among them, the most commonly used screws are semicircle, square right angle, triangle, oblique triangle, etc.

The unique use of U-shaped wire can be used in many industries, not only in some construction sites, but also in the automobile industry, transportation industry and daily life. Generally speaking, this product is easy to buy. The store has sales. However, if you use it in some key places, it is best to buy it in some professional stores, because this can ensure that there is no problem with the performance of the product.


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