The Significance and Function of U-shaped Bolt Surface Galvanizing Treatment Process

Summary:U-bolt surface galvanizing treatment process signi...

U-bolt surface galvanizing treatment process significance and function

As one of the most commonly used fasteners, U-bolts require long-term protection and maintenance during their use due to the importance of their effects. One of the most important methods of protection and maintenance is to prevent oxidation of U-shaped bolts. This is what we usually call anti-rust treatment. One of the most effective methods is galvanizing. Zinc plating refers to the surface treatment skills of plating a layer of zinc on the surface of metals, alloys or other materials to achieve beautiful and anti-rust effects. The main method chosen is hot dip galvanizing.

The national standard for hot-dip galvanizing is GB/T 13912-2002 "Technical requirements and test methods for hot-dip galvanized layers of metal-covered steel parts". The future metal of galvanizing should be lubricated in appearance, free of zinc tumors, burrs, and silver. White; the thickness is controllable, selected within 5-107μm; the appearance is free of hydrogen embrittlement and temperature hazard, and the mechanical properties of the data can be maintained; it can replace some of the processes that require hot-dip galvanizing; Good corrosion, neutral salt spray test for 240 hours. The use of galvanizing is very wide, like steel nails, iron nails, fasteners, various hardware pipes, scaffold fasteners and so on.

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