The Jisb Products Review

Summary: The Jisb Products Review Threaded drive hooks or...
The Jisb Products Review
Threaded drive hooks or Threaded Rods are the most widely used form of cable tie down. These are also known by many other names such as cable trays, drive-in trays and tilt-up drive-in trays. They can be used to secure cable and other transportable items across buildings, and are frequently used by builders and delivery services to support telephone cable runs, network cables, computer network cables and other transportable items. They can be purchased from the majority of suppliers who stock a wide range of cable and other drive-in accessories. It is always advisable to source your Threaded Rods from a leading supplier, as they are more likely to offer you a high quality product which is manufactured using the best materials and with a warranty.
Jisb 2809 is a leader in the drive-in cable tying industry. Jisb discusses all of the functions and features of their products in detail on their web site. This website also has an extensive glossary of commonly used cable drive hook terms and their application. Users of this type of wire clamp should always refer to this glossary whenever they are unsure of a particular function or term. The glossary is also very useful for anyone who is unsure what type of cable or wire they need to tie, and the details of each function are explained.
The Jisb Website also contains a comprehensive glossary of common wire applications, which is very helpful for those who are unsure of various wire and cable application terms. This glossary is also useful for anyone who needs to identify various types of cable drive hooks themselves. The glossary can be used in conjunction with the glossary on the Jisb Website to quickly identify which type of cable or wire or cable attachment is required for a particular application. This comprehensive site is extremely useful for anyone who requires to know a great deal about wire and cable and their application.
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