The Benefits of Using L-Shaped Bolts in Concrete

Summary: L Shaped Bolts are one of the most popular and so...

L Shaped Bolts are one of the most popular and sought after bolt choices. L shaped bolts have gained much popularity among different industries. This is because of their long lasting life span, strength and durability, and because they can be used in varied applications. L-shaped bolts, also known as bolt-on pins, are produced by the Solenoid System Products Corporation in India. They are made using a Solenoid System, which is a powerful gas that causes the plunger to open and close when a bolt is fastened into its slot.
The L-shaped bolts have been used for construction purposes since the early 20th century. These bolts were first developed for use in the construction of ships and railways. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and offer excellent corrosion resistance. Please see the attached pictures for details.
The conventional L-shaped bolt has a large back portion with an open top and a smaller flat back portion, which fits into a slot that is drilled into concrete. These anchors are highly preferred in applications where the bolt will be fastened to soft structural metal such as steel, aluminum, or copper. Please refer to the attached illustration for a description of the different anchor bolts and their load capacity, which is determined by the type of anchor used and its gauge.
The conventional type anchor bolts have a cross-directional centerline. This type of bolt does not provide a bolt handle, which means the bolt can be manually operated instead of using a hand lever or bolt latch. The advantage of this bolt design is that the bolt holds the concrete once it is secured into the surface. Once the bolt has been installed, you do not need to manually Operate the bolt to remove it from the hole.
Another type anchor bolt has a small lip on both sides of the bolt and is provided with a tapered lip to allow a bolt handle to be manually operated. Conventional stainless steel bolts are available in several different sizes to accommodate different hole depths and required anchor bolt specifications. This type of bolt is highly preferred when installing anchor bolts into steel reinforcement because of its ability to resist corrosion.
Stainless steel, aluminum, and other types of metal alloys have the capability to resist corrosion when exposed to water or moisture. When you use L Shaped Bolts in concrete applications, you are able to reduce the number of corrosion episodes and improve the lifespan of the concrete, which can save you significant money over the life of the project. L-shaped bolts do not require a special operating process because they fit tightly into any sized hole and can be locked or unlocked with a wrench or key to ensure the utmost security for the installation or removal of L-shaped anchors.
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