Surface coating of U-shaped bolts

Summary:Many people do not know what the surface coating o...

Many people do not know what the surface coating of U-bolts is. Xianxian Yichong Construction Equipment Factory will show you:


1. That is, the surface is not treated, which is easy to rust;

2. This is the most commonly used surface coating for U-shaped bolts, which is economical and corrosion resistant.

3. Moderate corrosion resistance

4. This kind of coating is thicker and is characterized by corrosion resistance, and is usually used in general power buildings or outdoor buildings.

5. It has the advantages of high bonding strength, high hardness, no hydrogen embrittlement, good thickness uniformity, simple process, and raw material saving.

It has good adhesion, extreme pressure, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and can prevent damage and corrosion of the surface of the workpiece. Sliding layer.

1. Improve the torque coefficient of fasteners
Wear-resistant coating can effectively improve the torque coefficient of fasteners. According to customer needs, the torque coefficient can be adjusted to 0.09≤0.13, or fasteners with specific torque coefficients can be processed according to customer needs.

2. Solve the problem of anti-interference and anti-seize of fasteners.
After fasteners are used, the lubricating coating formed by the fasteners coated with molybdenum disulfide coating on the metal wires or surfaces of the fasteners is not easy to rust, block and seize.

3. Solved the problem of ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature lubrication of fasteners.
According to the actual working conditions of customers, wear-resistant coatings can be prepared according to different temperature requirements (low temperature resistance 270℃, high temperature resistance 380℃). In other words, at this temperature, the surface coating of the fastener will not become brittle and still have lubricating properties.

4. Solve the problem of fastener wear and self-lubrication
Based on the excellent performance of the wear-resistant coating material, the wear-resistant coating has good wear resistance and self-lubricity. The fastener can be loosened and locked repeatedly without damaging the threaded teeth, saving time, manpower and cost.

5. Solve the problem of rusting of fasteners.
The wear-resistant coating forms a dense solid lubricating film thickness on the surface of the wire teeth or fasteners, the film thickness is about 10 microns. The film cuts off the contact between the metal substrate and the air, and is not easy to rust. If used together with hot-dip galvanizing or other anti-corrosion coatings, it will play a better anti-rust effect.

6. Solved the problem of free maintenance of fasteners.
In some environments, lubrication is impossible (for example, in the field), inconvenient (ultra-low temperature, toxic environment, etc.), or in the case of high maintenance costs, the use of solid lubrication in the form of dry film can be removed from maintenance.


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