Solution to some problems in the use of anchor bolts

Summary:Bolts are common parts of life, and there are many...

Bolts are common parts of life, and there are many types, which are suitable for different environments. The anchor bolts are also one of the bolts. However, there are often some undesirable phenomena in the use of anchor bolts, which affect the use effect. Let me talk about some solutions to the problems.

1. Processing of center deviation. When the bolt diameter is less than 30mm and the center deviation is within (10~30)mm, the bolt is burned red with oxyacetylene flame, and the steel plate is strengthened after being bent with a sled hammer to prevent the bolt from being restored when the bolt is tightened. When the bolt diameter is larger than 30mm and the deviation is large, the bolt can be cut and welded with a steel plate in the middle of the bolt. If the bolt strength is not enough, two steel plates can be welded on both sides of the bolt. The length of the reinforcing steel plate should be 3~4 times the bolt diameter.

2. the height of the anchor bolt is not qualified If the height of the anchor bolt is too high, this is better to handle, just split the upper part to re-threading. The handling of low bolts is a bit complicated. If the difference is less than 15 mm, the bolt can be burned red with an oxyacetylene flame and then elongated.

3. The loosening of the anchor bolts in the foundation. When the bolt is loose, the bolt should be knocked back to the original position, and the basic hole should be shovel into a large shape with a small size at both ends. Then, the two-round steels are welded on the bolt, and the pit is rinsed and grouted with water and solidified. Then tighten the bolts.

Pay attention to these problems when using anchor bolts. Only when installed properly, can the fastening connection be achieved. In addition, the use of US-made bolts, U-bolts and other fasteners should be used correctly, otherwise, it will only achieve the opposite effect.

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