Precautions that must be known when using U-bolts

Summary:U-bolts play an important role in the connection o...

U-bolts play an important role in the connection of mechanical equipment, so attention should be paid to these components, and their effects cannot be ignored. Today, let's talk about the precautions that U-bolts must know when using them.

1. When operating 12000km for secondary maintenance, the engine oil sump should be disassembled to check the use of the engine bearing bush. If the individual bushing clearance is too large, it should be replaced, and the connecting rod bolt should also be replaced at the same time. If you find that the engine is running unevenly and there is abnormal noise during normal operation, you should stop it for inspection.

2. During the maintenance, the newly replaced connecting rod bolts should be inspected. It should be noted whether the head, the guiding part and the thread parts of the bolt have cracks or dents. Whether the thread shape and pitch of the thread are abnormal, there should be no need to use abnormal conditions. .

3. When assembling the connecting rod cover, apply a torque wrench and tighten according to the specified standard to prevent the torque from being too large or too small.

4. Select the connecting rod bolts produced by the supporting factory.

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