Precautions during the construction of anchor bolts

Summary:I don't know if you know the anchor bolts. In fact...

I don't know if you know the anchor bolts. In fact, many people know and have seen them, but they don't know the details. In fact, anchor bolts may be used a little more on construction sites. Just because there is a part that is not to be understood, the following is a summary and analysis by the bolt manufacturer.

Anchor bolts generally use Q235 steel, which is smooth and round. Rebar has high strength, and it is not easy to make the thread of the nut. For smooth round anchor bolts, the buried depth is generally 25 times the diameter, and then a 90-degree hook with a length of about 120mm is made. If the bolt diameter is very large (such as 45mm) and the buried depth is too deep, the square plate can be welded to the end of the bolt, that is, a large head is enough (but there are certain requirements). The buried depth and the hook are to ensure the friction between the bolt and the foundation, so that the bolt will not be pulled out and damaged.

During the construction of the anchor bolts, after the excavation of the civil foundation trench, pour the cushion, and after tying the bottom plate reinforcement, put the anchor bolts in the foundation of the supported template, and put the prepared positioning template on the erected steel pipe On the frame, the bolts are inserted into the positioning template, the upper mouth is fixed with a nut, and the foundation bolt embedding starts, and the foundation reinforcement should be constructed at the same time, interspersed. The screw of the anchor bolt passes through the positioning template from top to bottom, and the corresponding nut is screwed on the screw. The top elevation of the anchor bolt is adjusted through the tightening of the nut. The top elevation of the control bolt is measured with a level until it meets the requirements of the drawing. until.

Matters needing attention when tightening anchor bolts:

1. When tightening the anchor bolts, a washer should be placed under the nut.

2. When tightening the bolts, start from the middle of the equipment, and then stagger and diagonally to both sides, and the force should be even. It is strictly prohibited to tighten one side and then the other side, and recheck the installation level of the equipment after tightening the nut.

3. When tightening bolts, standard-length wrenches should be used. Only bolts above M30 allow casing to increase the length of the wrench. During operation, it is necessary to ensure sufficient tightening, but also to prevent excessive force from damaging the threads.

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