Method for handling anchor bolt deviation

Summary:The anchor bolts can be divided into fixed anchor ...

The anchor bolts can be divided into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts, expansion anchor anchor bolts and bonded anchor bolts. According to different shapes, it is divided into: L-type pre-embedded bolts, 9-shaped pre-embedded bolts, U-shaped pre-embedded bolts, welded pre-embedded bolts, and pre-embedded bolts on the bottom plate.

Installation of the anchor bolts The loosening of the anchor bolts in the foundation may loosen the bolts when the anchor bolts are tightened. In this case, the bolts should be adjusted to the original position and the foundation around the bolts should be scooped out enough. Then, the two U-shaped steel bars are welded vertically and horizontally on the bolts, and finally the pits are cleaned and grouted with water.

The method of treating the deviation of the live foot bolt after the concrete is solidified to the design strength and then tightening the deviation of the foot bolt is substantially the same as the method of the dead anchor bolt, but the anchor bolt can be pulled out. If the bolt is too long, a piece of thread can be cut on the machine tool; if the bolt is too short, it can be extended by hot forging; if the position is not consistent, it can be corrected by bending method.

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