Various shapes and sizes of bolts have unique characteristics

Summary:Various shapes and sizes are used in bolts, and ea...
Various shapes and sizes are used in bolts, and each has its own set of unique features. The names of different types of bolts can overlap somewhat, though the main difference between them is the materials they're used for. Some types offer higher strength than others, while others are simply ineffective. When choosing a type of bolt, take into account its intended use, its price, and its properties. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a shaped bolt.
Square Bolts: This type of bolt has a square head and a threaded body. Square Bolts are typically used for aesthetic purposes, as they can be used to match existing bolts. They can also be made in multiple strength grades, ranging from 1/2-inch to 1-1/8" in diameter. They are commonly used in the construction industry, such as in the automotive industry. If you're looking for a shaped bolt, you should consider the material and application for which it's intended.
Nylon Bolts: Nylon Bolts are lighter than other types of bolts, and are water-resistant. These are not as strong as other types of bolts, but they can hold a variety of materials including plastic, particleboard, and metal. These are often found in home appliances, and are often lightweight. Titanium Bolts: These are strong and light, but they are mainly used in aircraft.
Square Bolts: These have a square head and threaded body. Their primary purpose is to hang heavy objects on hollow walls, but they are not a good choice for structures with high-strength. They have a round head and a threaded tip, and they range from 1/2-inch diameter to 1-1/2" in diameter. If you need a larger or smaller square bolt, then look for a metric version.
Flange Bolts: These are a good choice if you need a bolt with a hexagon head. They are not bolts, but are used in many different applications. These are commonly used in building construction and are usually called frame bolts because of their large diameter. They can be used on the inside or outside of walls, and are ideal for mounting objects. You can find a shaped bolt for just about any application.
U Bolts: These have a T-shaped head and are designed to be tightened by hand. They're often referred to as frame bolts, and are popular in load-bearing applications. Because they are T-shaped, they're not bolts and don't need to be tightened by hand. They'll fit into a slot in the attachment surface and will not turn as they're tightened. They are also commonly used in aircraft, as they don't turn during tightening.
U-bolts are threaded on both ends. This type of bolt is used in pipes, but isn't ideal for securing sensitive materials. Its hexagonal head can only reach one side of a surface, and it can't reach both sides of a surface. This type of bolt isn't suitable for curved surfaces, and is generally not used for fastening items. The head of a shaped bolt is threaded on both sides.
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