There are lots of other ways that you can use u-bolts to secure pipes

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U-Bolt Protection for Plumbing and Electrical Systems

If you have ever had to replace a U-bolts then you know how difficult they can be. They are not always straight and they are not always the same size and thread pattern on each bolt. U-bolts can be a real pain to replace because you have to take off the whole thing, drill it out and then weld the new one in place. It is much easier to use a pair of standard sized sockets and do the job.

A U-bolt is a single bolt usually in the form of the letter U with double threading on both ends for easy threading. These are the most common bolt types for most vehicles. When replacing a u-bolt you have to make sure that it is the right one for your suspension system. It can be a little tricky but with a little practice it can be done easily.

The main problem with u-bolts is that they are very susceptible to stripped out holes or to misaligned nuts. This causes them to work harder to hold the retaining screws in place which wear out over time. This eventually leads to the springs becoming worn out also. The good thing is that by using a couple of different sized bolts you can compensate for misaligned or worn spring positions and ensure that you always have the correct tension and amount of leaf springs.

To keep the u-bolts in place, you need to change them when there is excess wear in the threads. A standard bolt leaf springs will hold tightly against each other but as they lose their rigidity the threads can become weaker so that the bolt no longer holds. This causes the spring to stretch and eventually break. The other problem is that u-bolts are often made from different materials. Not all of them are made to be the same strength so by using a different material you can prevent these problems from occurring.

For u-bolts that have a larger number of nuts and bolts, it is possible to get away with using only two nuts and one bolt per leaf spring. By placing the second nut on top of the first, you can create a more secure holding position. This is also useful when you have chains or links on your suspension. When doing this you will find that it makes it easier to tighten up the nuts which means that you don't have to pull out the entire leaf spring system to tighten the bolt. The same applies to when you need to adjust the tension or the length of the U-bolts.

There are lots of other ways that you can use u-bolts to secure pipes. For example if you have tubes with bent ends you can lock them in place using u-bolts to help secure the pipes to the walls. If you have a drainpipes, such as those used for washing machines, dishwashers or toilets you can also secure your drains by installing u-bolts around the outside. There are plenty of other possibilities available with u-bolts, so if you think you have no idea what to do about your unsightly pipes and fittings, then why not have a good look at all of the options which are available.
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