The L Bolt is an important type of fastener

Summary:What Is an L Bolt? The L Bolt is an important typ...
What Is an L Bolt?
The L Bolt is an important type of fastener. Its use in roof construction is not limited to roofing projects. The longer hook makes the L Bolt more durable in concrete and is used for general roof construction. These bolts are available with non-greasy zinc plating for ease of use. For more information, see what an L Bolt is and what it can do for you. Let us explore some examples of this type of fastener.
An L Bolt is a type of anchor bolt. Its purpose is to attach non-structural elements to concrete. Its end is embedded into the concrete, while the opposite is threaded to attach the support structure. Each type has different applications and advantages. Below, we'll explore some of the main differences between the two types. For more information, visit our website. The L Bolt: The Most Common Type of Anchor Bolt
L Bolts are widely used for securing plate members to masonry foundations. These anchor bolts are also referred to as 90-degree anchor bolts. They are available for a variety of applications, including anchoring structural columns, light poles, bridge rails, signage, and more. Their bent portion provides durability and endurance for the anchored member. L Bolts are available in different materials and thread diameters.
DIN 976 Stud Bolts and Nuts
The Din 976 specification covers nuts and stud bolts, including those that are fully threaded. These studs are generally composed of steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, or carbon metal. Tolerances are determined according to requirements and can be found in the DIN 976 specification. The company also offers a variety of fasteners and drawing parts made from different materials. As one of the largest fastener wholesalers in Central Europe, the Haiyan Yingjie Fastener Co.,ltd serves industry, automotive, and building companies as well as end users.


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