The basic difference between the conventional bolt and a L shapped bolt is the threading

Summary:The basic difference between the conventional bolt...
The basic difference between the conventional bolt and a L shapped bolt is the threading. L bolts have the thread on one end and a round shank on the other. They can be used for indoor and outdoor installations. Here are the main advantages that the L-Shaped bolts have over the bolt with a round shank.

L Shaped Bolts. Stainless Steel L-Shaped Bolts. The overall size range of these L-shaped bolts range from 3/4 to 16 inches in shaft diameter and from six to twelve inches in overall length with the thread length being two inches and the anchor bolt being one inch. The stainless steel L-shaped anchor Bolts are very durable, corrosion resistant and also last much longer than other types of bolts.

Bent Anchor Bolts. These are usually pre-prestoned, but there are exceptions. These types of L shaped bolts are typically used when concrete is to be poured directly onto the surface or when concrete has to be placed on top of an existing surface. In these cases, the angle of repositioning the concrete, for example, requires a bent anchor bolt of a certain angle.

Concrete L-Shaped Bolts. This type of L-shape bolt is similar to its concrete-shaping counterpart. They are used in the same situation as the pre-prestoned bent anchor bolts but, in this case, the angle of movement for the shank is required to be a little less than the required angle of repositioning when the concrete is being poured directly on the surface or when it is being set on top of an existing surface. In these instances, the angle of repositioning needs to be a bit smaller than what would be required if you were using regular bolts. These types of L-shaped anchors have a tapered, rounded head which can be used in a variety of circumstances.

Ksi L-Shaped Bolts. As the name implies, the Ksi L-shaped bolt is a special type of L-shape anchor bolt. This type of L-shape bolt is typically used on steel reinforcement where the bolt has been bent into a corrugated shape. Typically, they are used to attach steel beams and columns together where the bolt is right angle to the steel beam or column. The Ksi type anchor bolt is also often referred to as the double-sided bent bolt.

As you can see, there are a variety of different L-shaped bolts that can be used for a variety of situations. They all work by using a threaded end that is placed into an appropriate sized hole. Most of these L-shaped anchors require special equipment in order to install correctly. L-shape anchors are commonly found in various industrial applications, especially those that require strength in specific areas such as reinforcement, roof shingles, and steel beams.
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