A Better Choice Than Galvanized Steel Bolts

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L-Shaped Bolts, A Better Choice Than Galvanized Steel Bolts

For many industrial applications, one of the most effective ways to secure a load is with L Shaped Bolts. These are also often used in the construction of homes, boats, trailers and storage containers. L shaped bolts are often considered stronger than plain straight bolts because they have a lip that creates a loop shape when tightened that is slightly outside the diameter of the bolt. When the bolt is installed properly, it forms a strong attachment that can resist compression from both lateral and longitudinal forces that it encounters while in storage or during operation.

There are several types of L Shaped Bolts, all which can be purchased through a key bolt manufacturer. Some of these manufacturers will produce customized L-shaped bolts as well as standard L shaped bolts. When ordering customized bolts, the customer can specify the specific measurements and types of reinforcing rod inside the bolt. This information can help the manufacturer produce an effective design for the application.

The most common L-shaped bolt is produced by the hardness alloyed stainless steel type anchor bolt. This type of L-shaped bolt is also known as a threaded insert bolt. They are commonly used for securing marine vessel frames, pipe bases and light towers. Because these bolts have a lip even though they are straight, they may not be the best choice for installing lighting systems because the system may be pushed out of the way by the tension of the bolt.

L-shaped bolts are typically used on the ends of pipes, chains and other long items where the angle of insertion needs to be smaller to prevent the pipe from bending. Because these L-shaped bolts have a smaller overall diameter than regular galvanized steel bolts, they may be more susceptible to rusting over time. In addition, high strength stainless steel washers may be needed to keep the bolt from deflecting the washer off the pipe. These features make these bolts a poor choice for use with soft metals or other applications where wear and tear is a concern.

Nontoxic L-shaped anchors are commonly used to support wide platforms such as ladders or stairs. Often called "threaded ladders" or "threaded ties," these bolts are typically sold in package sizes of eight, twelve and twenty-four. These packages are usually intended for application in interior industrial or commercial environments. The types of applications these L-shaped anchors are used for range from forklift trucks to heavy-duty chains used in the transportation industry. However, because these types of bolts tend to wear at a much faster rate than standard galvanized steel bolts, they are not appropriate for use in many applications where the bolt length and thread length is longer.

When purchasing L-shaped bolts, it is important to select the right type anchor bolt manufacturer to ensure proper bolt installation and reliable performance. Astm f1554 is a trusted name in the bolt industry because of its consistent quality, excellent product performance, and unique customer service. This manufacturer offers both hot and cold dip galvanized long rod galvanized stainless steel long rod anchoring systems for a wide range of applications. Whether a building project involves residential construction or industrial manufacturing, the experienced professionals at Astm f1554 have the expertise to ensure that your project is supported safely and properly.
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