How to install and use U-shaped bolts correctly

Summary:How to install and use U-shaped bolts correctly 1....

How to install and use U-shaped bolts correctly

1. The correct operation method of U-bolt

For the correct use of U-shaped bolts, more attention should be paid to the use of U-shaped bolts, because this is a relevant aspect that must be paid attention to when using U-shaped bolts. During use, if the U-bolt is installed incorrectly, it will seriously affect the safe use of the U-bolt. Therefore, whether the bolts are operated according to the correct operation method is very important.

Use a wrench to tighten the u-shaped bolts and an adjustable wrench. The wrench is a screw wrench. The calibration frequency of the Shishi screw wrench is all the time before and after each work. During this period, the calibration error rule is not greater than the working value of the planning rule before calibration. Plus or minus 3%, calibration after work can be greater than plus or minus 5% without prior planning rules.

2. What occasions are U-shaped bolts suitable for thermal tightening?

Thermal tightening is a pipe bolt that has high temperature requirements for internal control media. In the construction process, in addition to tightening, tightening is also necessary when reaching a constant temperature or a different temperature during the work process. In normal use, the temperature rises, the bolt expands due to heat, and the gap increases. It is necessary to complete the seal from scratch through the thermal tightening operation.

Under normal circumstances, equipment and pipelines with internal temperature> 200℃ need to be tightened and heated with bolts.


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