How to control the installation accuracy of embedded anchor bolts

Summary: How does the manufacturer of embedded anchor bol...
How does the manufacturer of embedded anchor bolts control the installation accuracy of embedded anchor bolts
Embedded anchor bolts are fasteners. When they are used for fastening in various buildings and equipment, the embedded anchor bolts are generally embedded anchor bolts embedded in the lower part of the concrete to play the role of foundation. The shape of the bolts is different, some are L-shaped, and some are Arabic numerals nine-shaped. The role of embedded anchor bolts of various shapes also has different centers, of course, there are also different centers. The slender central axis is the correct circle plane. According to the different structure of the equipment, the embedded anchor bolts are used according to the different structure.
First arrange the ruler and operate accurately, and compete for the size of people who are often organized and fixed. Secondly, make a fixed mold according to the embedded size of the bolt to ensure that the relative direction of the bolt does not deviate, and then use the equipment to operate the height and height of the bolt when pouring the concrete. The specific wheelbase can be adjusted at any time during pouring.

Influence of non-vertical installation of embedded anchor bolts
If the installation of the anchor bolts is not vertical, the installation coordinates of the bolts will be offset, which will bring certain difficulties to the installation. If the bottom of the bolt hole is thick, it cannot be installed. Since the bolt is not vertical, the ability to withstand external forces will be reduced. Conversely, the capacity of the anchor bolts is reduced under pressure and is more likely to be damaged or broken.
In addition, the function of the leveling component will make the motor shaft rotate in the horizontal direction, so it is not easy to fix the machine equipment. Sometimes, due to the effects of these components, the parts of the installed machinery and equipment will be replaced before the second grouting, which may lead to maintenance or safety accidents.
Due to the presence of leveling components, once encountering external forces, there will always be deviations in the aligned mechanical equipment, which is not allowed. Therefore, when installing the anchor bolts, make sure to install them vertically to prevent deformation. During the entire installation process, the relevant engineering construction records should be recorded in detail to truly reflect the model, specification and model of the anchor bolts, and reasonable technical documents should be provided for future maintenance and replacement.
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