How to clean U-bolt rust stains

Summary:  1. Soluble emulsion cleaning Soluble emulsifiers...


1. Soluble emulsion cleaning

Soluble emulsifiers generally consist of emulsifiers, soil, solvents, detergents, corrosion inhibitors and a small amount of water. The role of water is to dissolve the emulsifier. The cleaning agent dissolves the dirt on the surface of the fastener together. At the same time, a layer of anti-rust film is left on the surface of the fastener. Emulsion cleaner is a concentrated pure oil. When it is diluted in water, it becomes a white emulsion. Emulsifiers and detergents can preserve and dissolve oil particles into detergents containing solvents and oils.

2. Alkaline cleaning agent

Alkaline cleaning agent is a mixture of alkaline earth metal salt and surfactant. It is a widely used cleaning agent with a pH value of around 7. Alkaline detergent is the first to ensure the cleaning effect, followed by economy.

3. Detergent

Detergent is mainly composed of solvent, surfactant and water, which is different from emulsion detergent. It is a pure solution, not an emulsion. It is mainly used for the protective finishing of the outer packaging of fasteners.

4. Composition of cleaning agent

The composite cleaning agent is also an alkaline cleaning agent, which is different from the standard alkaline cleaning agent in chemical composition. Standard alkaline cleaners are inorganic in nature, and the components are organic agents containing amino substances. Standard alkaline cleaning agent is used to remove alkaline residue at one time. And it is still a better rust inhibitor. The cleaning agent is used for medium difficulty cleaning.

5. Acid cleaning agent

Generally there are organic acids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, citric acid and acetic acid, which are used for high-strength fasteners and dephosphorization membranes before heat treatment. Currently, the first three cleaning processes are mainly used, but hydrogen corrosion should be avoided. The acid agent should contain acid-base and corrosion inhibitor to avoid corrosion on the surface of metal fasteners. And the gradual eradication ability of appearance activator.

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