How much weight can the bolt support

Summary:The fork, anchor bolt or bolt is very strong. The ...

The fork, anchor bolt or bolt is very strong. The 1/8 toggle switch can hold 30 pounds on 1 / 2-inch plasterboard, while the 3 / 8-inch toggle switch can safely handle 50 pounds or more. When using any type of dry wall anchor, you should understand how they work and which screw anchor is best for insertion into the hollow wall.

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How much weight can a gecko support?

Gypsum board and anchor relationship
A dry wall is a covering on vertical wall nails in a house. It also covers the small space between the door and other seams to provide a smooth exterior finish that can be painted or primed and decorated. Anchors are used for dry walls between studs so that pictures, tapestries, wooden or metal hangings or other solid wall decorations can be hung on the wall without pulling out the nails sinking into the plaster Or screws. The thickness of the gypsum board is usually 1/2 inch and is made of gypsum, so when too much weight is applied to the structure, the gypsum board tends to collapse. Wall anchors make it possible to hang heavy objects without worrying about them falling to the ground and damaging the wall when falling.


Type of anchor
The wall anchor can be firmly fixed anywhere on the wall. They can be threaded anchors, straight plastic anchors and winged plastic anchors. All of these provide a solid space for hanging decorations in the home. If you do not use nails to hang wall decorations (from light canvas to heavy tapestries), you should always use anchors.


Straight plastic anchor
The straight plastic anchor is actually cylindrical. They have a hollow center where you can place screws and fix various weights with different lengths. After the screw is inserted, it pushes the wall of the plastic anchor outward to secure the interior of the gypsum board.


Winged plastic anchor
The shape is interesting and firm. The winged plastic anchor has outwardly extending wing-shaped ends, and its overall shape is T-shaped. After insertion, the winged end is tightly attached to the back of the dry wall to secure the anchor in place. Before putting it in and screwing it into the opening, you need to make a hole.


Simple thread anchor
Thread dry wall anchors are plastic or metal. The threaded rods are screwed directly into the gypsum board, so they can sink into the gypsum board without prefabricated holes. This makes them stronger and able to accommodate heavier objects. Once the threaded drywall anchor is secured in place, insert the screws to hang the items, and the job is complete.

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