Fixing of anchor bolts

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Steel structure anchor bolt manufacturers analyze the fixing of anchor bolts
The upper structure of the project is a steel structure, and the pillars are made of steel. The figure requires anchor bolts to be inserted into the construction stage of the foundation in order to connect the upper steel column. This method has the advantages of convenient construction and good connection performance, and it also requires high construction accuracy. The embedding accuracy of the anchor bolts directly affects the installation accuracy of the steel column and even the construction of the entire steel structure. Small errors in the embedding of anchor bolts may cause serious consequences during construction. This job needs to be taken seriously. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction, the construction plan, construction steps and precautions of the anchor bolts are described as follows:
1. Bolt tensile strength calculation: The bolt tensile capacity refers to the tensile capacity of the round steel itself, and its size is equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by the tensile strength design value of 140 MPa, which is the allowable tensile bearing capacity of the bolt design.
2. It is the anchoring and anchoring construction technology: the anchoring and anchoring construction technology: the anchoring and anchoring construction technology is column pier reinforcement binding, column pier template installation, positioning plate installation and fixing, anchoring anchoring anchoring, concrete pouring and anchoring inspection, and finished product protection.
3. Construction method:
(1) Determine the axis and elevation. According to the requirements of the drawings, the axis positioning and positioning of the pre-embedded anchor bolts of the piers are to determine their horizontal position and elevation. Draw the bolt cross center line on the top of the installed pier template as the initial position of bolt installation. According to the position on the standard sample, the steel pipe is used to form an independent bolt group, and the mounting bracket is fixed to determine the elevation of the positioning steel plate.
(2) Determine the location of the template. In order to prevent the displacement of the anchor bolts when the concrete is poured, the positioning template is used to strengthen the fixing bolts when the anchor bolts are buried in this project, the positioning plate is placed on the horizontal support of the steel pipe, and the cross wire of the positioning plate (the template is drawn (Vertical reticle) facing the template, and first fix it to check whether its position is appropriate, otherwise, make partial adjustments.
(3) Bolt installation group. Pre-place the anchor bolts in the short column, insert the reserved holes of the positioning template, fix the upper part of the bolts with nuts up and down, check the size of the single set of bolts, adjust the elevation to the same level, insert the positioning template, and place the bolts in each set Screw a nut on the top to fix the mold.
4. Fixing of anchor bolts of steel structure.
(1) Use short steel bar heads to support the foundation beams, place them on the cap pads, and weld them firmly to the foundation beams to prevent the foundation beams from shifting.
(2) Weld each anchor bolt with short steel bars, and use bolts to support the cushion. After the anchor bolts of the steel structure are finally fixed, the supporting feet of the steel structure anchor bolts should be welded to the pile cap net reinforcement to fix the steel structure anchor bolts to prevent displacement during the construction process.
(3) Positioning and fixing: the positioning stirrup acts on the installation of the anchor bolts, and the positioning stirrup acts on the position.
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