Different Uses For L Shaped Anchor Bolts

Summary:L Shaped Anchor Bolts are one of the most common t...

L Shaped Anchor Bolts are one of the most common types of bolt available for use with concrete and asphalt material. This is a very strong type of bolt that comes in several different sizes, and has a tapered shank to it that enables it to be able to fit into many smaller holes. These are some tips to helping you choose L shaped anchors for your project.

L Shaped Anchor Bolts are very commonly used in industrial applications. The first place you would find these would be with the roofing industry where they are often used to support roof trusses, or large buildings. In addition to this, you also find them used in the automotive industry where they are often used to secure the frame of an automobile. They can be used on just about any type of structure you can imagine.

L Shaped Anchor Bolts are often referred to as either tapered, or light poles. The difference between these two terms is just the way in which the material is cut. Tapered anchor bolts are usually preferred over light poles simply because of how they will work better with lighter structures such as light poles have a thin tapered profile while carbon steel will tend to be much thicker.

L Shaped Anchor Bolts are generally considered to be very strong. However, they will not be as strong as a straight 90 degree bent anchor bolt. However, L shaped bolts can be reinforced internally by welding or reinforcing the steel itself within the bolt's tapered shank. This will allow these bolts to be even more durable than standard straight 90 degree bent anchor bolts.

L Shaped anchor bolts are commonly used on light poles. These are particularly common in areas where the ground may be at risk of bearing too much weight, or even collapse. L shaped anchor bolts can also be reinforced internally by internal galvanized wire. This can be done by either dipping the steel into an acid solution, or through a process called cold rolling.

This type of bolt is typically made with a hexagonal shank that is held securely in one corner by three locking Carbide Keys. The key bolt manufacturer will specify the key size required for a given job. These types of bolts are very versatile. They can be purchased in different diameters to meet the needs of any given installation. This is a benefit since different projects will require different sized bolts.
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