Construction steel structure bolting matters needing attention

Summary:(1) In order to make the component connections rel...

(1) In order to make the component connections reliable, the number of bolts on each node and one end of the splice joint should not be less than two. However, for the sliver of the composite member, one end connection may be adopted.
(2) Ordinary bolted connections that directly bear dynamic loads should adopt double nuts or other measures to prevent the nuts from loosening, such as using spring washers or welding the nuts and screws to death.

(3) If there is a large gap between the bolts of the construction steel structure and the hole wall, it should only be used for connections that are pulled in the direction of the shaft of the rod. In the secondary connection of the structure subjected to the static load, the connection of the detachable structure and the installation connection for the temporary fixing member, ordinary bolt connections can also be used. However, in important connections, such as the connection between the brake beam or the upper flange of the crane beam and the column, because this connection transmits the horizontal support reaction force of the brake beam and is subject to repeated dynamic loads, high-strength bolt connections should be used first, followed by Welded connection.

(4) When the high-strength bolts are used for the splicing of profiled steel members, the rigidity of the profiled steel cannot ensure that the friction surfaces are in close contact. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use profiled steel as a spliced ​​piece, but steel plates should be used instead.

(5) Within the scope of high-strength bolt connection, the treatment method of the component contact surface should be indicated in the construction drawing to ensure the reliable connection of the components.

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