Classification of special-shaped bolts

Summary: The most common bolts in fasteners are bolts, so ...

 The most common bolts in fasteners are bolts, so let's introduce the special-shaped bolts to our customers and friends.

① In the way of receiving the connection's force, there are ordinary and hinged holes. The special-shaped bolts for hinged holes must be matched with the size of the hole to be uniformly stressed.

② According to the shape of the head of the special-shaped bolt, there are hexagon heads, round heads and square heads. The most common type is the hexagon-shaped special-shaped bolts. The countersunk-shaped special-shaped bolts have the smoothest surface after connection. In place, because the countersunk head can be screwed into the part, the round head is also possible, but the square head needs to be tightened a bit, but the larger the size is, the hexagonal bolts are the most common.

After installation, check the special-shaped bolts to avoid loosening. On the steel structure, the part of the high-strength special-shaped bolt head will be larger and the size will vary. It must be fixed when it is used on the machine to connect with the ground. That said above and so on. When welding, professional studs are used. One end has threads and one end does not. It can be welded to the part, and the other side is directly screwed on the nut.

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