A Quick Guide to Anchor Bolts

Summary: A Quick Guide to Anchor Bolts Choosing an Anchor...
A Quick Guide to Anchor Bolts
Choosing an Anchor bolt doesn't have to be a daunting task. In fact with the wide variety of bolt selections available today, you're sure to find exactly what you need and want for any situation. From light duty fasteners to heavy duty industrial bolts, you'll find exactly what you need at an affordable price. Here are some quick anchor bolt tips:
Sizes & Materials Anchor bolts come in a variety of different materials, each offering various advantages and benefits. Plain & hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel & import grade steel. Domestic/dfAR & international hard material. Some are self threaded for easier removal, some are fully threaded for greater security and some can be used in conjunction with other threaded fasteners for one end fitting to another.
Dead Air - A straight anchor bolt one end fitting to another can be utilized if there's not much tension on the bolt. Since there is little to no tension on a straight bolt, it can be used to keep load from shifting across the surface being loaded. In addition, when there isn't much tension on the nut, you can force a load to straighten out more easily, increasing the load capacity of a single or double pointed bolt.
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