Precautions for the use of U-shaped bolts

Summary:U-shaped bolts are an indispensable part of machin...

U-shaped bolts are an indispensable part of machinery. U-shaped bolts are generally valued in terms of operation, quality and operational safety.

Quality issues need attention:

The main results are as follows:

(1) The rust spots, oil stains, burrs and welding tumors on the surface of the bolt hole wall should be cleaned up.

(2) After contact friction surface treatment, the specified anti-scratch factor should be reached.

(3) During the installation process, the friction surface of the treated parts should not be stained with oil, soil and other debris.

(4) The friction surface of the assembly should be kept dry during installation and should not be operated in rain.

(5) Strictly check and correct the deformation of the connecting steel plate before installation.

(6) Do not hit the bolt with a hammer to avoid damage to the bolt line.

(7) Electric wrenches that are regularly tested during use to ensure the accuracy of the torque and operate in the correct tightening sequence.

Precautions you must know when using U-bolts

U-shaped bolts play an important role in the connection of mechanical equipment, so its role cannot be ignored. Today, I want to talk to you about the things you must pay attention to when using U-bolts.

1. When running 12,000 kilometers each time for secondary maintenance, the engine oil pan should be removed and the use of engine bearings should be checked. If the clearance of individual bearing bushes is found to be too large, it should be replaced and the connecting rod bolts should be replaced at the same time. If you find that the engine is not running smoothly, or there is abnormal noise during normal operation, you should stop and check in time.

2. During each maintenance, check the newly replaced connecting rod bolts, pay attention to whether there are cracks or indentations on the bolt head, guide, thread part, whether the shape and pitch of the thread are abnormal, and whether the abnormal situation should be resolutely ignored.

3. When assembling the connecting rod cover, a torque wrench should be used in accordance with the specified standards to prevent excessive and small torque.

4. Choose connecting rod bolts that match the factory production.


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